Can we stop saying NoSQL? I’m really tired of describing things by what they’re not.

I’d much rather describe them by what they are.

  • “This is a JSON document store”
  • “This is an object store”
  • “This is a key-value store”
  • “This is a graph database”
  • “This is a distributed table”
  • “This is a thinly veiled attempt at doing something that could have been implemented with Postgres”
  • “This is me not caring about ACID guarantees and calling it statistical sampling”
  • “My filesystem is a key-value store, get off my back”

In reality, I have little experience with most of the systems indirectly mentioned here. I’d like to find the right tool(s) for the job to make development easier, operations less painful, and user experience awesome. Is that so much to ask?

For all my blog posts I’ve decided to hold discussion on Reddit, linking to the post. I didn’t do that this time though. Today’s post is a mini-post not really intended for anywhere. It just wasn’t going to fit in one tweet. Feel free to engage me on Twitter.

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